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News  »  New Arrangement to Ease Traffic Movement in Coimbatore!!!

New Arrangement to Ease Traffic Movement in Coimbatore!!!

Aimed at easing traffic movement, a blink of amber and red indicators has been enabled at all major traffic junctions for the convenience of motorists and to alert them to be ready for a right turn. Likewise, the same has been enabled for proceeding straight at some signals, particularly when the motorists wait for the traffic taking a right turn from the opposite direction.

The new arrangement will serve as an advance alert for motorists while waiting at tri-corner and four-corner junctions before getting a green signal for a right turn.

According to traffic police officials, the amber indicator was enabled as the earlier system was not providing any warning for motorists before getting a right turn at tri-corner and four-corner junctions.

This had led to the practice of vehicles that are intended to take a right turn occupying the major portion of the road at signals, blocking the way for the vehicles moving in the straight direction.

“Amber will blink first followed by another blink of red before the motorists get a green signal to take a right turn. This happens when a green signal for vehicles moving in the straight direction is still on,” said a traffic police official.

The new arrangement has been enabled in several signals on Avinashi Road and Tiruchi Road that have several three or four road intersections. Any discerning motorist could use this to switch off their engine waiting for the alert so that there could be enhanced fuel efficiency and also less noise pollution and emission from the vehicle.

Amber indicator has also been enabled in mini signal control systems installed at all major traffic junctions in the city. Mini signal controllers were introduced for cops on duty at the traffic umbrella to change signals according to the traffic conditions. The controller was introduced to aid smooth passage for emergency services like ambulances and firefighting vehicles, Officials added.

“When launched, the manually operated signal control system was not enabled to operate amber indicator. Following this, technical changes were made to have a provision for turning on amber indication (warning signal) while switching between red and green”, said an official.

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