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God has been good to me – Ajith’s Exclusive Interview

53 films in 23 years is no mean achievement. As Ajith Kumar turns 42 this week, he looks back-and-forth at his career.


As the first of May draws near, the ‘Ultimate Star’ Ajith Kumar is in a reminiscing mood. He has just returned from a hectic first schedule for director Siva’s untitled film for Vijaya Productions and is preparing to wind up director Vishnuvardhan’s film for A.M. Rathnam. Fifty-three films in 23 years for the forty-two- year-old Ajith Kumar is quite an achievement and he dwells on the past even as he charts a definite course for the future. “On my birthday (May 1), apart from spending some quality time with my family, I will remember the wonderful journey I have had so far. God has been good to me and I hope I can do as much good to others through my films and my activities,” says Ajith.

Unstinting effort

For every film that he has done so far, Ajith Kumar has been known to put in his 110 per cent, sometimes involving himself in other areas of production or direction, if only to ensure that the final product is the best. “We owe it to the viewers, especially our well-wishers. When they spend their hard-earned money to come and watch the final product, we have to make sure that our creative inputs are done with earnestness. I am doing so for A.M. Rathnam’s film too. It is not that I am partial towards this film. Rathnam and Vishnuvardhan are professionals and when they are putting in so much effort it is but natural that I should give them my best in every possible way,” says Ajith.

Excellent rapport

His association with Vishnuvardhan goes back to almost 14 years and over this period he has developed a strong bond with him. “I first met Vishnuvardhan when he was assisting Santhosh Sivan in Asoka, the Hindi film I did with Shah Rukh Khan. Billa I was done by Vishnuvardhan while the prequel, Billa II was by Chakri. Vishnu, Chakri and I share a unique rapport and my relationship with Vishnu further strengthened during the making of the present film. I am confident the positive vibes will get translated into a good film.”

Favourite moment

Besides acting, Ajith is known to be a keen motor sports enthusiast, photographer and aero modeller. So, what is his most favourite moment? “This may come as a surprise to film goers. I treasure my stints in motor sports. I may not have achieved great things in the sport, but I have won some races and have managed to take the sport to the masses.”

Charity first

Ever since his fan clubs were disbanded, Ajith has been advising his fans and well-wishers to channelise their energy and funds towards educating underprivileged children. Says Ajith, “My heart bleeds when I see people spending lakhs of rupees on posters and banners during birthdays and other anniversaries.”

Source: The Hindu (Dated: 28-4-2013)

God has been good to me – Ajith’s Exclusive Interview


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