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Woman bike racer Alisha wants to act with Ajith

Alisha Abudllah is one talented sportswoman and happens to be the only woman bike racer in the country. The racer has many awards.She has been receiving her fair share of movie offers as well.

When asked if she would indeed enter the film industry, she says that is she does, she would like to team up with Ajith. She feels that Ajith will be able to understand her better and he is also a racer himself. Let's wait and watch if her dream indeed comes true. We don't mind a movie on the race track.

Alisha has been receiving numerous movie offers, but she is still waiting for a project of her choice to happen. The racer had once met with an accident which she considers fatal, as she was advised to quit bike racing. "It was Ajith who motivated me. He suggested I take up car racing for a while and put me back on the track with his words. He has mentored me from time to time, also gives me feedback after every match. He is my godfather. Both of us being racers, I feel he will be able to understand me better, if I were to team up with him for a movie" smiles Alisha. Alisha even received an offer from AR Murugadoss.

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Ajith's gracious act wins hearts


Woman bike racer Alisha wants to act with Ajith


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